Here is the first entry of our journal.

And it starts with our #peopleoffunkybakers. People who were in the creating process, worked in the project or still working, our providers, our regular guests, our neighbors, who makes Funky Bakers, Funky Bakers.. 

Tommy & Crick are the super couple of the hospitality sector in Barcelona.  Their projects always made a hit and brought new trends, created new trend zones in the city for 20 years. We were lucky to have their touch at the design of our little shop and also our consept.


My name is Crick, and I’m about to turn 46. I was born in Sydney and have been living in Barcelona for 20 years.

I am Tommy Tang. 46 years of age, Sydney Australia. A happy entrepreneur living in Barcelona for the past 20 years.



What's your favorite product from Funky Bakers?

CRICK: My favourite edible product is the Borek, I love it. My favourite non-edible product is the mini bottle of Ruinart Champagne. If I have both of them together I’m the happiest man alive. 

TOMMY:  Definitely the Avocado Smorrebrod!!

Where would you like to eat your favourite product?

CRICK:In the bath with my husband.

TOMMY: I like to eat my favorite product with my hands, when I am freshly showered from a gym workout, as close to Funky bakers as possible..

What BORN means to you?

CRICK: I don’t live in Born, I live in La Satalia, but the Boreks and Champagne lure me down. The neighbourhood offers me Seyma, and of course, her Funky Bakers. -

TOMMY: I have been living in the Born on and off for the past 20 years. I love the energy, love the texture of the buildings and the people are always colourful to look at. it offers variety, an international crowd, a relaxing energy and some of my favorite food shops

What are you reading, listening these days?

CRICK:  Reading The man who fell in love with the moon’ by Tom Spanbauer, and listening to Way out (featuring Big Sean) by Jack Harlow.

TOMMY: Reading The New Yorker magazine and listening Innov Gnawa - El Ghaba

Photos: Sam Zucker

Interview: Ariana Díaz Celma




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