Funky began its journey in Barcelona with a clear mission: to become your home away from home. To foster a community that shares an appreciation for handcrafted food, values the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients, and understands the beauty of simplicity.

Our food is the result of a delicious collaboration with bakers, chefs, designers and artists using local products and recipes from all over the world. Together with our trusted suppliers we work in harmony with the environment and share the belief that good quality food should be for everyone.

Our shops are welcoming spaces of gathering and creation, where the smell of fresh-baked goods mingles with music and conversations.

During the day, large windows allow a glimpse into our kitchens, where fragrant babkas emerge from the oven or creamy cheesecakes cool off on the shelves. At night, the Eatery becomes a sparkling meeting place for dinner and drinks to be shared with family and friends.

Welcome to your second home!