This is Seyma:) Founder of FUNKY BAKERS.  

I love to host and feed people, so this passion turned to my business after 9 years of marketing experience at mobile communication companies and an engineering degree.

I live in Barcelona for almost 10 years with my little family: my son Atlas and my husband Emre.



What's your favorite product from Funky Bakers?

SEYMA: My favourite product is Cardamom & Cinnamon BABKA, I tryed this product first time when we opened first Funky Bakers, the pastry chef at the time, introduced me the cinnamon one and I fell in love with it. It was the classic cinnamon one and delicous but I wanted to create a flavor that belonged to us, after tons of trials, Cardamom BABKA came out inspired by turkish coffee, it has cardamom & cinnamon butter filling and espresso glaze:) 

Where would you like to eat your favourite product?

SEYMA: A beach picnic breakfast! The sea has healing power, as BABKA:)

I escape with a flat white and cardamom babka to the beach to feel good.

What BORN means to you?

SEYMA: Born is my first love in Barcelona. I started to live in Born with FUNKY BAKERS. But before that I was always coming to pass time here.

It´s beautiful, buildings are amazing, people are colorful so we have a beautiful hype here. We are in the center and still we have a neighborhoud life, we have little local traditional shops and new projects together. 

What are you reading, listening these days?

SEYMA:  Just started to ISHIBU by Trevanian. I am listening our new spotify list taht we created for Spring: Funky Bakers Spring 2021..



Photos: Sam Zucker

Interview: Ariana Díaz Celma



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