Here is Agustina, she is our pastry chef and sales manager. 



AGUSTINA: I was born in Rosario, Argentina. I’m the pastry chef from Funky Bakers and I’m 32 years old.

What's your favorite product from Funky Bakers?

AGUSTINA: I have two 😱 My favourites are the cheesecake and the veggie breakfast sandwich.

Where would you like to eat your fav product?

AGUSTINA: On the beach, looking at the sea and drinking “mate” of course :)

What makes you a Born resident? What does the neighbourhood offer you?

AGUSTINA: I think of the Born as a big family, where we all know and support each other. Even though I don’t live here –I live in the Barceloneta– I’m always in the neighbourhood, working or eating something. Besides, my boyfriend also works in the neighbourhood so we are always around, I even do the grocery shopping here. The Born has an amazing vitality and It makes me feel a little bit like home.

What book are you reading now? And what song have you been listening to?

AGUSTINA: I’m reading “Nose Dive, a field guide to the world’s smells”, by Harold McGee. And the song I’ve been listening to it’s called Dedos de Mimbre, from a great argentine musician called Luis Alberto Spinetta.



Photos: Sam Zucker

Interview: Ariana Díaz Celma



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