Customer Service

Greet customers warmly and engage with them in a friendly and courteous manner. Take orders accurately and efficiently, ensuring that each customer receives prompt and personalized service and appreciate the spanish natural wine industry.

About Wines

You will work with a small and boutiques natural wine producers from Spain, who cares about their product from the beginning and all the process till the end.

Wine Serving & Cold Beverage Preparation

Serve and be able to recommend our wines according to the menu and what the client likes. Prepare a variety of refreshments, juices, smoothies and alcoholic beverages, according to our recipes and standards. Pay attention to detail to ensure consistency in taste, presentation and explanation of every wine.

Menu & Product Knowledge

Have a thorough understanding of our menu offerings, including wines, refreshments, juices, teas, specialty beverages, food offerings. Be able to make recommendations to customers based on their preferences and dietary restrictions. Mastering retail products like books, coffees, chocolates, condiments, gourmet tinned foods, wines for being able to make suggestions according to client needs and interests.

Food Preparation

Assist with the preparation of food items such as appetizers, pastries, sandwiches, softserve ice cream, desserts and snacks. Follow food safety guidelines and maintain cleanliness and organization in the food preparation area.

Charging System Handling

Handle credit card charging and operate the POS system accurately when processing customer transactions. Maintain a balanced drawer and follow charging handling procedures at all times.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keep the bar and the shop and the public areas clean and organized throughout the shift, including wiping down counters, tables,fridges,  and equipment, and maintaining cleanliness in the customer seating area and restroom.

Inventory Management & Reception

Assist in monitoring inventory levels of wines, beverages, fruits, liquors, retail products and other supplies. Notify management when supplies are running low and assist with restocking as needed. Receiving orders and organizing the shelves, fridges, frezeers according to FIFO rule.

Team Work

Work collaboratively with other team members to ensure smooth operations during busy periods. Communicate effectively with coworkers and management to coordinate tasks and prioritize customer needs.


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