We are going on with moms, Esther.

Our long time regular guest, neighbor, big supporter and great friend:)




I am an interior designer and yoga teacher. I am 43 years old and I currently run a wellbeing platform called @soundofsilence_bcn, which offers courses, workshops, classes, talks and more with an inspiring and inclusive approach.

The aim is integrating into daily life traditional practices through modern tools, which help moving around the world in a more conscious and happy way. I also collaborate in projects related to restoring natural abundance and dealing with the ecological crisis we are experiencing. The platform is led by my dear friend @danielaruiz and her name is @selvage.

Another great part of my life being a mommy of a beautiful 12-year-old girl who is, without a doubt, my greatest teacher and who has stolen my heart.

- What's your favorite product from Funky Bakers?

How difficult! I like everything! But I'd go for the house bun, the Challa, or the pistachio croissant. They are my favorites!

Where would you like to eat your fav product?

Under the sun, lying on the grass reading a book, perhaps in a little corner of the Ciutadella park, when I take a break from work.

What makes you a Born resilient? What does the neighbourhood offer to you?

I love living in El Born because I feel that life is more fluid and slow. I do not feel in the voragine of the city, of people's constant stress. I feel that the people who live in El Born enjoy the little things more. A coffee at mid-morning in the sun.
One of the things that captivates me the most about Born is the Gothic architecture, walking through the streets and imagining past lives. It is as if time stands still.
I love my neighborhood because there is no traffic, you walk or cycle through EL Born, you can visit the sea almost every day.

Which book are you reading now? And which song you've been listening to all week?


BOOK: A life drawing trees, de Francis Hallé
SONG: BABY by Devendra Banhart



Photos: Sam Zucker

Interview: Ariana Díaz Celma 

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